Saturday, May 11, 2013

Early May TTM Successes! (109-114)

Hey guys, Drew back here! Boy has it been a while since my last post. I've been very busy lately, studying for my AP US History exam and various other things. However, I've got a lot to show you guys, including some card show stuff I'll hopefully get to in the near future. But before I get too behind, since I've been sending out TTM's frequently of late, take a look at who I've gotten in the past few weeks!

Jordan Zimmermann: c/o Washington Nationals, 1/1 in 17 Days
Jordan has been one of my favorite pitchers in baseball throughout the past few years, especially after his monster season for my fantasy team in 2012! He signed a 2011 Gypsy Queen for me in a thin blue sharpie, and it came out pretty nice! 
Kent Tekulve: c/o Pittsburgh Pirates, 1/1
I lost track on how long this one was in the mail, but it couldn't have been much longer than a month TAT. Tekulve was known for his lanky frame and funky style as closer of the Pirates "family" team that won the World Series in 1979. He now serves as the Pirates broadcaster, and he signed my 1979 Topps card nicely in black sharpie! 
Will Clark: c/o San Francisco Giants, 1/1
Clark was also in the Tekulve bunch, so I'm going to assume this one came back in a little over a month! When I came across this Score "Dream Team" insert of his in my basement, I knew it was just waiting to be signed! "The Thrill" came through clutch, and the autograph honestly exceeded my expectations. Great piece from a great player! 
Chase Headley: c/o San Diego Padres, 2/2 in 23 Days
Chase Headley easily had the most underrated season in baseball last year; batting .286 with 31 HR and 115 RBI (most in the National League)! He is a great TTM signer, so I figured spending under a dollar on postage for him would be easily worth it. He signed a 2010 Upper Deck and a 2012 Topps card for my collection! 
Al Toon: c/o Home Address, 2/2 in 24 Days
My dad always tells me about how much he enjoyed watching the Jets' receiving tandem of Al Toon and Wesley Walker back in his day. I saw that Mr. Toon has been signing through the mail lately, so I took my dad's word for his stardom and sent him two cards. He signed both inscribed out to my name, and inscribed something I haven't been able to make out. It looks like something "2011", but I don't know what that would even mean. If any of you have a clue, I would love to know! Thanks!
Ben Zobrist: c/o Tampa Bay Rays, 3/2 in 32 Days
I've been a Ben Zobrist fan ever since a Yankees game I went to against Tampa Bay in 2010. We were sitting in one of the first rows in right field and he was in right that game. All I remember was a crazy fan hollering at him the entire game, and it never seemed to phase him. Okay, maybe that isn't really a reason to like a guy, but every time I think of him I think of that day. He's a great all around player, and could possibly win a gold glove at several different positions, making him one of the most versatile guys in the game today. Zobrist signed the two cards I sent him and included his "Identity in Christ" card which he inscribed out to me!
I hope you all enjoyed the successes! I might start doing TTM posts on a weekly basis, unless I get a huge one back that deserves its own respective post. Have a great weekend everyone! See Ya!


  1. I think that's probably "Ring of Honor" 2011.


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