Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holy Beckett Sports Card Monthly! I'M IN!

Hey guys, Drew back here! So, while I would've been writing about the incredible Yankees game I was at last night, I decided this was something extremely important I wanted to show off first and foremost. Around 2 weeks ago, I got very bored online one day, and I saw Beckett's "Reader's Rock" monthly article program, and I thought "wouldn't it be cool if I made it in there?" So, I wrote something up on the best part of my collecting experience, the mysterious binder. I spent a good bit of time working on it, and sent it over to Beckett. I sort of forgot about it, even when yesterday I came home from school to find the newest Sports Card Monthly issue waiting for me in the mailbox.

I saved it for the car ride to Yankee Stadium, and pulled it out of my bag just minutes before dad got on an important work call. Just as he got on the call I turned to this page:

(click to zoom)

As coverboy Charlie Sheen would say, WINNING! My article took up half of page 33 in the October 2011 issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly! I had to double take when I first saw this, and when I realized that I'm the only Drew that looks like that with an amazing binder and a great card seeking dad, I began to flip out! Mike saw it too and together we were going nuts in the back seat. Dad didn't realize what was going on, and he told us to be quiet since he was on the call, but when he got off, we all celebrated it, and dad was extremely happy for me!

I've done a lot of things I never could imagine myself doing in this hobby over the years, but this one may rank above all other things. Being in the biggest sports card magazine in the world is an honor and a privilege and I'm going to make sure I buy a few copies of this one.

Also, without the inspiration everyone has given me over the years to continue in my passion and stay in the hobby, I may not have ever had this story to tell. Thank you all for your enormous amount of support for me and my collection, it really means a lot.

See Ya!


  1. Congrats, Dude! That's totally cool.

  2. Hey, way to go! You're a media star! And, what a find of cards that was...

  3. Can I have your auto now that you're famous? Awesome job Drew!

  4. That's really awesome, Drew! Congrats. I really enjoyed reading about the finds in that binder.

    Too bad they didn't put a link to your blog in there!

  5. I bought 2 copies. You get in Beckett and on YES Network. Don't forget us little people now that you are famous!!!


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