Saturday, May 2, 2009

Upper Deck X Box Break Review

Hey guys, Drew back here, a couple boxes behind, but still from my dad I got a box of UD X 2008 fro getting braces, and this is the complete review. I will use a similar design to Wax Heaven and many other bloggers for box break reviews, so here we go:

20 Packs Per Box
8 Cards Per Pack
160 Cards per box
2 Autographs per box on average!
5 Yankee Stadium Legacy Cards
1 X Ponential Insert Per Pack (Levels 1, 2 , 3, & 4, 4 being the rarest and on average pull 1 per box)
X Ponential Averages:
1 Level 4
2 Level 3's
Level 2 & 1 make up the rest of the packs.


2 Autographs- Rich Thompson & Josh Newman
1 X Ponential Level 4- David Wright
2 X Ponential Level 3's- Torii Hunter & Manny Ramirez
5 Legacies- Lazzeri, Ruffing, DiMaggio, Dickey, & Lefty Gomez (comment to ask for #'s)

Product Review:

Well, everybody hated the design for this product, but they actually used really nice photography with the cards. For the price, no doubt it's a steal, even though it looks like a little kids product, I think it is pretty good. Grade: B

The price for this stuff is pretty good for what you are getting. Think of a $20 blaster box from Target, when you get 1 hit for that price, usually quite suckish. Well, for $15 more, you can get 2 autographs, which I would take over game used on any day. So, the price on Blowout is $34.99 right now, and on DA it is $43, and at a local hobby shop, probably around $50. Grade: A

The hits in this product are somewhat confusing. In retail they use only game used, but in hobby they only use autographs. So, I'm not confused, but I certainly was. The hits I got were not that great, we could've done better, but they are both rookies and I'll give them a chance. (Josh Newman & Rich Thompson) Grade: C

Overall:I wasn't all that excited about the hits, but I do like the X Ponential inserts, and the YSL inserts are nice. The base design is cool, and I was able to complete the set, my 1st complete set, even though all I did was buy a box and get all of them. So, I'm happy with it. Overall Grade: B-

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