Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Cards From Blowout!!!

Old Post:
Whats up everybody, drewscards here, and I just received my free gift from As usual basically everybody got some Score Football packs. I got 1 2005 pack, and 2 2007 Score Packs. I basically got nothing much, but I did get:
- Calvin Johnson RC
- Lee Suggs Adrenaline Insert (#ed/399)
- Muhsin Muhammed Gold Zone Insert (#ed/600)
- The Franchise Insert of Frank Gore
Thats all for now and I'll see you at Christmas.

Oh, yeah, also I have a quick update on Mike and I's next group break. We are deciding between Donruss Threads 2008 Football and 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes. We are doing it sometime in January, so I'll update you guys later with more info. See Ya!
13, 144 cards in collection

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