Sunday, January 25, 2009

6 Packs of UD Stars & Stripes

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Whats up sportsfans, drewscards here with another break, but 1st, my great new end of the quarter break will be held most likely a week after the 1st quarter of the school year ends. I will have the dmd fantasy football league helping out, as Joemama (my dad), and my buddy Mike have this great break with me. I will have 6 hits (most likely, unless a bad or hot box appears), and I've got new and old school coming. I'm getting 2 boxes for the break, 1 being baseball, and 1 football. For baseball, I pushed out the Ginter box because of the price, to add a football box to the break. So I'm getting a UD A Piece of History box and a 2007 Bowman Jumbo Football. I saw Chris from youtube (chris5784) bust a box of this, and I was impressed, because it's cheap, and you get 1 rookie relic and an autograph. Also, you get 165 rookie cards, so I'll probably at least get 1 Adrian Peterson rookie, and some other good rookies are in it as well. So, I guess I'll give it a try.

Anyway, today I opened box of Upper Deck Stars and Stripes Edition. But I had to save 4 packs for the 2 boys at my sister's family birthday party this weekend as party favors. You get 1 memorabilia card per box, and in this edition, it's a player on the USA National Baseball Team. So, being careful, and also wanting to get that card, I took the most thick packs. Here's What I got, in order of the 6 Packs I opened.
Pack 1: Evan Meek RC, Season Highlights of Torrii Hunter
Pack 2: USA Hit: Tyler Wilson Black GU Jersey, Troy Tulowitski Star Attractions Insert
Pack 3: David Wright Season Highlights, Nyjer Morgan RC, LJ Hoes USA Baseball Insert
Pack 4: Josh Beckett Season Highlights, Troy Glaus Checklist
Pack 5: Steve Holm RC, A-Rod Season Highlights
Pack 6: Grady Sizemore Season Highlights, Derek Jeter Checklist, Yogi Berra Stadium Legacy.
See Ya!

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