Saturday, March 2, 2013

Knicks eBay Pickup: Novakane!

Hey guys, Drew back here! As expected, my second semester has not allowed for a whole lot of free time, but fortunately the weekend came before I knew it. I'm going with my friend to see Matchbox Twenty tonight, one of my favorite bands, so that should be a lot of fun. In the meantime though, check out this sweet picture I recently bought off of eBay for my Knicks collection!
Steve Novak is one of my favorite current Knicks easily, just because of the way he conducts himself as an athlete. Here's a guy who had a relatively low ceiling but was able to perfect the 3 pointer; giving him a big role off the bench on many contending teams in the future! Since I went to the Garden a few weeks ago, I only gained more appreciation for "Novakane", as he put Sacramento to sleep by draining 5 three pointers en route to the Knicks big win. 
I absolutely loved the picture as soon as I glanced at it on eBay. It's certified by Steiner, so there's no way it wasn't legitimate, and it showed Novak doing his famous "Discount Triple Check", taken from the Packer's Aaron Rodgers but done just as fabulously. I also really love the atmosphere in the background of the picture, with all those crazy New York fans jumping up and down behind him.

I got this picture shipped to me for under $30, which is highway robbery compared to if I actually bought this from Steiner Sports' website. I'm not sure what I'll do with it for the time being, but maybe eventually I'll make a little Knicks shrine in my mancave. You'll have to wait and see!

Before I go, I wanted to announce that I probably will be at the March White Plains show, although I don't have a whole lot of funds to put towards it. There are a few signers on the lineup that I'd like to get on baseballs, and one player towards my Mantle photo. It would really mean a lot to me if you gave my Check Out My Collectibles page a look, so that I could make my experience a little bit better. There are a lot of nice cards still available in my inventory, and remember I will consider any offer as long as it's reasonable!

Thanks so much everyone! See Ya!

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