Monday, October 3, 2011

October 1st White Plains Card Show Recap! Part 1!

Hey everyone, Drew back here. I hope you all remember me, because it's been over a week. Sorry about the slack everyone, I wish I could be more active but with my busy life nowadays with school its very hard to keep the site running. However, this past weekend I spent majority of my Saturday with Dad and one of my best friends Matt at the White Plains show! I think we made out incredibly well, even though I didn't go overly prepared and were on short notice before we decided to confirm we were going for sure. To start off the recap, here are the many new additions to my growing Robinson Cano collection! I thought Cano deserved his own post after his incredible Game 1 performance in the ALDS, smashing a grand slam and driving in 6 runs in the Yankees win! Way to go Robby Cano!


I didn't hope to accomplish anything overly specific at the show in terms of buying cards, I just wanted to add some nice ones to my collection. I think I did a pretty decent job, take a look:

Leading off was this card out of 2011 Bowman, part of the "Bowman's Best" insert set. It cost me a dollar and I figured why not because it was an all around nice looking card! I haven't picked up nearly any 2011 cards of either one of my PC players- Cano and Swisher, but when I do, I buy in bulk!

I find it ironic how clutch Cano was the night following all of these pickups. I had a feeling this postseason could bring an even bigger jumpstart to his card prices, so I definitely tried to help the collection while I could. Out of 2011 Topps Heritage, here is Cano's bat relic card. I like the look of this card but I think they honestly  could have done away with the yellow bottom design. It's a simple but effective look, and I got this as well as the next card for $15 together! 

I came to this seller frequently throughout the show. Yes, there were hundreds of tables, but this guy's low priced Yankees relics and autos had me biting all day. This one was out of 2008 UD Baseball Heroes, numbered out of only 50! Its cards like these that really pop, especially the blue parallel. Plus with the hint of a pinstripe, I couldn't go wrong! 

This card was actually my final pickup of the show, that Dad actually bought for me. He had a few spare singles and we put together enough money to buy this 2006 Allen & Ginter jersey relic of don't ya know? Robby Cano. I absolutely love any relic or autograph from any year of the Ginter line, and this card has to be one of my favorite cards of Cano in my PC. Again, this one has a pinstripe, and with this card I now only need his newest relic out of 2011 Ginter to complete the chase of his relics in the product. 

Finally, the most expensive Cano card of the day was this 2011 Topps Triple Threads five piece bat relic, spelling out "Robby". Numbered only 12 of 27, this is definitely one of the lowest numbered cards I own of his, and I love its design. Triple Threads is such an expensive product but if you hit big, I think it can be well worth it! I would be happy with this pull, but then again I did buy the card for $25, instead of paying a good $100 on a pack of it. 

Anyways, I hope by now you can tell that Cano is certainly one of my favorites on the current Yankee team! At this moment I have 172 unique cards of his, and will have a few more incoming! Be sure to stay tuned for more card show review posts and future posts!

See Ya!


  1. drew,

    I just pulled a 2011 topps triple threads robinson cano # 1/1 5x batt auto. Says "BOBBY." any idea what it might be worth. Email me back if you can.


  2. The Heroes card POPS! It looks so sweet. Awesome cards, man.


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