Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vintage Cards From Pop Popps

Hey guys, Drew back here. Somehow, Pop Popps still is feeding me more and more cards to add to my collection, which is incredibly awesome! He recently gave me a stack for my last quarter of school, and getting through freshman year (I think everyone deserves a crown and a throne for that accomplishment). Check out what he had in store for me the last time I visited him!

In this one, there were a lot of nice cards, but my favorite of the bunch was certainly the 1971 Topps Al Kaline card. It looks like one of his nicer all around cards! I also scanned the Sal Bando 1971 card because whether you love them or hate them, the A's certainly had some unique uniforms back in the day. Also of note, Willie Horton had an amazing moustache, and the rest of the cards feature Hall of Famers on them. The checklist from the top left corner, featuring Bob Gibson, was from 1969 Topps.

Thanks so much Pop Popps as always! See Ya!


  1. Hey Drew or Drew's readers, anybody have some toppstown codes they're willing to giveaway for free? Don't wan't the card just the code. My brother loves that game and we have no card stores near by. Just post code or codes under this comment. Thanks all, love your blog Drew.

  2. Hey, first of all thanks so much for the nice words, I really appreciate it. Anyways, I do have plenty of Topps Town codes for you and I'll comment with them when I get a chance. If I forget to, please remind me. But I hope I can help! Drew

  3. Thanks so much dude! That makes me so happy. A salute from me to the nicer hobbyists of this planet earth!

  4. 2011 Topps Town? I can also submit a few, I believe. Might take a few days to dig em up, but I'll contribute.

    Sweet cards Drew. I, too, think Horton had an awesome 'stache.

  5. Agreed on the Horton. Thanks William! PS random fantasy tip: get Jorge Posada, he's red hot lately and back on his usual drama-free pace.


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