Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemption Pack!

Hey guys, Drew back here. First off, yesterday, one of the tests I took was an online engineering test for my Project Lead the Way class. It was a college level test, and if I passed, I would be elligible for college credits! My teacher called me up last night and told me I scored an 82, so I was elligible for the credits! After having the longest and most terrible day of the year, that was some bright news and I was excited to hear it. Anyways, a few weeks ago I sent in all of my packs from my 2011 Topps box to do the wrapper redemption program, which gives you 1952 Topps diamond parallels and a chance to pull autos from original players in the 1952 set! Here's how I did:

You get 5 cards in each pack, and I think I did fairly well, pulling Ichiro, Ubaldo Jimenez, Joey Votto, Prince Fielder, and Mark Reynolds! The cards look absolutely awesome, my favorite being Votto because he's turning into another one of my favorite players. The Reynolds will be heading out soon, but if anyone has any Yankees from the set I would love to take them off your hands in exchange for one of these! 

Thanks Topps! See Ya!


  1. nice - i am going to send mine in this week! are they doing the same thing with topps series 2?

  2. congrats one the test did way better than i did last year lol awesome cards!!


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