Thursday, June 2, 2011

TTM #68- Yankees All Star!

Hey guys, Drew back here. A few weeks ago I suddenly remembered about the fact that one of the Yankees best, if not the best, current performer is a fairly good through the mail signer! Granted, he won't sign what you send him, but you still will get an autograph nonetheless, so I couldn't miss out on the opportunity. He was one of my 1st successes before he was a Yankee, and ever since has been traded to the Bombers and has become one of my favorite players!

 He is Curtis Granderson! Granderson has done nothing but dominate for the Yanks thus far into the season, already with 17 home runs and 41 runs batted in. He is well on pace to surpass his single season career records, and he has been very exciting to watch this season. The thing I enjoy about Granderson is that he can do it all. He can hit for contact, power, he's very fast, and he's an outstanding centerfielder. He also has an incredible attitude on and off the field, and has been really great for his fans.

His specially designed custom card is about the size of an index card, though maybe just a bit smaller. It has a simple design on the front but the autograph looks very nice on the card! The back is also simple, but states some interesting facts about Granderson, including that his favorite meal is Thanksgiving Dinner, and his favorite band is OutKast. He'd definitely be one of the first players on my list for guys I'd like to have an interview with, considering that he seems to be one of the best guys in baseball.

Overall I'm really happy I was able to add my 4th Granderson autograph to my collection, and this does truly make up for the big crease on the 1st card I got him on. Thanks so much Curtis!

See Ya!

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