Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cracking Reggie

Hey everyone, Drew back here! If you haven't already noticed, I've taken some strides over the past few months to upgrade my collection to something more high end. I've been talking about doing this for a long time, but over the past year I've made a significant effort to make more of less. I had a few certified Reggie Jackson autographs, but I didn't value any of them all that much. So I decided to flip them towards getting some cards I could value, and this was one of the results:

As I hinted a few posts ago, I love the gold frames Topps has been using lately, particularly with Museum Collection. I mean, is there any way to make a player look more like baseball royalty? If anyone deserves a royal presentation in my collection, it would be Reggie. His personality was filled with bravado and swagger, and this card really seems to exploit that.

When I purchased the card, it was graded a BGS 9, which isn't much of a concern to me. In fact, what I've noticed is that anything below a 9.5 seems to almost sell for less than an ungraded card in good condition. I've taken advantage of this a few times now and have been able to add some nice cards in result. But if the scan didn't show it enough, I hated having this card slabbed. 

So I decided to crack it. This was the first time I ever cracked a card before, so I decided to make an event of it live on Instagram with some of my buddies. They laughed hysterically at my poor efforts using a hammer to free the card. Luckily, this card is practically a gold brick, so it was able to fully sustain any of my stupidity, and by the time it finally escaped the BGS prison, it was still in mint condition.

I'm a sucker for silver ink. It's my cardboard weakness, I won't lie. Everything about this card just made sense for my collection, and I have to admit it looks way better in a magnetic (especially with the gold magnet matching the frame color) than it ever did in that slab. I personally only really like seeing vintage/rookie cards in PSA slabs and Bowman/rookie autographs in BGS slabs. I'm picky, what can I say?

Did I make the right call? Let me know in the comments below how you like your graded cards.


  1. Great looking card and it looks even better out of the slab! I personally don't care for the look cards when they are graded most of the time. I'll buy them if I have to, meaning I can't get the card elsewhere. The only real upside to me of a slabbed/graded card is that it ensures its authentic and not a fake, and this only applies to certain cards that have been known to be faked.

  2. I'd say you made the right call, for sure. But, then again, I don't really care for the graded look when it comes to any card, whatsoever. I guess I'm just a tactile person and I feel like cards aren't meant to be trapped in a plastic prison.

    Also, you're quite right, this card makes Reggie look absolutely regal!

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