Monday, November 28, 2011

A Wonderful Hall of Fame Autograph Surprise from JP's Sports!

Hey guys, Drew back here! So, about a month ago in the Long Island National card show, JP's Sports organized a large 1986 Mets World Series reunion show, featuring about 32 Mets players, plus Ralph Kiner and Bill Buckner. While most of the players are often attainable, one player lately hasn't been so attainable. Over the past year, he's suffered through a severe case of brain cancer, and has scared the baseball world with his survival chances. Fortunately, he is somehow recovering from the awful disease, and was doing well enough to sign at the show. Unfortunately, he cancelled about a week before the show, because while he was doing well, he wasn't ready to go to the signing. At that point, my card was off in the mail order, so it was too late.

Somehow, a week ago I received a special surprise in the mail...

It looks like the mail order items were able to be signed by "The Kid", Gary Carter! And, while it does have a little bit of a smearing issue, it sure does look great! You can tell Carter's signature is a little shaky but I'm so lucky and fortunate I was able to pick this one up for the collection! It was worth every penny for sure!

Before I go I want to wish Mr. Carter the best of luck on his battle with cancer. Cancer is the devil, and I really hope someday soon a cure will be discovered. Watching someone suffer with it is depressing and gives you images in your head you will never forget. 

Also, a big thank you to my good friends at JP's Sports and Rock Solid Promotions for the help getting this autograph! See Ya!


  1. You should put up a link to Carter's charity. I'm glad you got the auto, definitely very lucky!!!


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