Monday, March 9, 2009

drewscards Box Breaks Grading

Hey everyone, Drew back here. A while back I decided to give my opinions on all the boxes I opened, as far as a buy/pass on kind of product. Here are all the grades I've given on products in the past:

- Topps Allen & Ginter: A
- Topps Flagship: B+
- Topps 206: B+
- TriStar OBAK: B+

- Topps Allen & Ginter: A
- Topps Chrome: B+
- Upper Deck Piece of History: C

- Topps Allen & Ginter: A+
- Upper Deck Baseball Heroes: A
- UD Masterpieces: A
- Donruss Threads: A
- UD SP Legendary Cuts: B-
- Upper Deck Piece of History: B+
- Upper Deck X: B-

- Upper Deck Masterpieces: A+
- Upper Deck Sweet Spot: A-
- Bowman's Best: A-
- Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic: C

- Upper Deck Philadelphia: A
- Donruss Threads: B+

- Donruss Gridiron Gear: A+
- Upper Deck Football Heroes: C-

- Bowman Jumbo HTA: D


  1. Drew, good start on blogging. You should keep working at it, read as much as you can and judge for yourself what is good writing and what is not, then emulate the good stuff. So far, I'd give you a B, so keep up the good work. Don't forget to save some of your money for important stuff, too, aside from cards.

    saints of the cheap seats

  2. Thanks so much for subscribing or following, and thanks for the advice. The only thing I have been concerned about has been the lack of people on this site. I really wasn't all that sure how to get more views, so I thought I should post more. Right now I am at the point where I want to try everything out there, and I just got started. I probably won't get as much, but I learned about the hobby one day and never looked back. At the end of each quarter in school, I do a spectacular thing where I bust a few products, 2 or 3, and I split a box with my best friend, and that's really fun. I understand that there is more to spend money on, but if there is, should I post about something like that? Thanks so much and hopefully I could get started. By the way, I will try to help you get a few more subscribers by telling the few people that read this about your blog. Keep up the great work. Drew


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