Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chapter One

Hey everyone! This post is in regards to my new friend Frankie's recent contest announcement. Be sure to check out the post and join in yourselves, especially if you want in on some sweet prizes!

I've already posted a separate "About Me" page, and if you haven't had the opportunity to check that out and are interested in the full story behind what got me started in the hobby, take a look. This is an excerpt from that page:

Hey everyone, I'm Drew, and welcome to my blog, drewscards! Excuse my mediocre blog title, but I was only 12 years old when this site was first up and running and I've been doing my best to keep some of my traditions up ever since (this is why I begin every post saying "Drew back here", and end each post with "See Ya!"). I've been collecting ever since I was 8 years old, and in the summer of 7th grade going into 8th I discovered the world of YouTube and blogging by simply typing "baseball cards" into a Google search. I never thought that one basic search would bring across all of the possibilities and experiences it has, and I'm thankful I did that in retrospect.
I was born and brought up as a New York sports fan following in my Dad's footsteps. My dad played football in high school, and it has been his second passion ever since (hunting is his favorite). He's been a New York Jets fan his entire life, and he passed that plague down to me. I remember laying in bed crying when I was younger; miserable because the Jets choked up the lead in a key playoff game and were eliminated. My parents told me over and over that I could switch teams if I wanted to, but I've never had the heart to do so. Part of this was because I at least had a legendary baseball team to follow (so thankful my Dad wasn't a Jet/Met fan). I started watching baseball towards the end of the 2004 playoffs, and somehow stuck with the Yankees even through losing to Boston in Game 7 of the ALCS. In 2005 I went baseball crazy; reading every article I could and begging my parents to take me to Yankee Stadium. I used to cut out each player's profile picture and make little cards with their statistics on them and drafted different teams to emulate in my front yard. I can only imagine my neighbors watching me run around and announce the games to myself and thinking I needed to be put in some kind of institution. Nevertheless, a baseball fan was born in me.
In elementary school, I made everyone a baseball and football card collector. One of my friends didn't even like sports and still brought in cards to trade every lunch. Every year one of them would fade off and leave the hobby, and eventually I was almost alone in my own world. I still have a few friends from school that would appreciate some Yankees cards, but that was really it. I Google searched "baseball cards" in July of 2008, and wound up starting a YouTube account where I would open packs of cards for all the world to see. My parents found out about it and saw I was trying to negotiate trades online with strangers and told me I needed to delete the account. I was heartbroken, but didn't give up. Shortly after, I opened up a blog on Weebly, and made my first post that October. I didn't have much of a following until I brought all of my material over to Blogger in December. Blogger was a blessing for me, because the feeling of "writing to a blank wall" began to dissipate as my viewership grew ever so slightly. My writing was far from excellent back during those times, but I gave my best effort to write like my then favorite bloggers: Mario Alejandro of Wax Heaven, Dave of Fielder's Choice Blog, and Beardy of Beardy's Blog, and later the Mojo Beard. 

I have been involved with cards and collectibles ever since I was 3 or 4, when my Dad gave me a bunch of early 1990's Pacific football cards. I was infatuated with the colors of the uniforms and would often sort them out by team, only to put them back in the stack to be sorted again the next day. As I grew a few years older, I would use just about every Toys R Us gift card I was given towards the random 10 pack boxes with a mystery in the middle. I remember being so pumped up to pull a Yankee autograph. I don't even recall who the player was, but I believe it's somewhere in my basement, most likely collecting dust. There would occasionally be small card shows close by, and I used to beg my parents to take me. In the 3 shows I went to, I got to meet Roy White and Brian Bruney, and I felt like I was in baseball heaven. And as aforementioned, in 2008, I Google searched "baseball cards" after almost throwing in the towel on collecting, and I came up with about a million more reasons not to stop.

And here we are now. I can't believe how far something as small yet powerful as the Internet took me. I was brought to some of the best friends I've ever had, which I will forever be grateful for. It also helped broaden my horizons, which I desperately needed. When I was younger, I listened to the Beatles religiously (certainly not a bad band to follow, if I say so myself). I used to print out pictures of the band members and make picture books, which could explain my past interest in making custom cards. Through the Internet and technology, I have extended my iTunes playlists to everything from Pink Floyd to Coldplay to Kanye West. It takes more now for me not to like something than it is to enjoy something. I also semi recently fell into the trap that is Netflix and TV shows. I never thought I'd get to that point, but how could one say that when shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones are out there waiting for your pleasure and enjoyment?

My point is, I always will be thankful for growing up in this age of technology. I know many adults scowl at how different our lives are from what they experienced, but that's life. I needed technology to become the person I am today. And I'm proud of that.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me throughout the years; friends, family, and even if you just click this link and read what I have to say once in a while. It is all appreciated. I'm looking forward to continuing to share my passion with you, and even after writing on this space for 6 years, I can say that I'm truly just getting started.

Again, if you have not seen Frankie's contest post yet, I encourage you to join in. I don't know many collectors with the passion that this kid has, and he deserves all the attention his incredible, growing collection should throw his way.

- Drew


  1. Wow, that was an awesome story! I hope other people join...

  2. Well said, Drew. Please tell me your parents finally let you trade.

  3. You forgot to close it with "See ya!"


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