Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Splurge: Chairman of the Board Edition

Hey guys, Drew back here! As was promised yesterday, here is the second of the three signed baseballs I managed to win on collectauctions.com as part of my Christmas gifts!

Yesterday I mentioned how on the auction site, I won a lot of two signed baseballs, and a third separate ball. This fantastic Whitey Ford baseball came in the lot along with the Nolan Ryan ball, and I got the lot for $100 total! Normally, it's hard to find a Ryan ball alone for less than $100, but I managed to get him and perhaps the greatest pitcher in Yankees history for one Franklin! Both balls came with a PSA/DNA pre-certification paper, rather than having actual stickers on the balls. 

I met Whitey Ford over the past summer, and I hate to say that the experience was pretty terrible. Mr. Ford seemed like a real nice man, however the guy in charge of the company really disappointed us, giving us literally seconds to speak to one of the most legendary figures in baseball history. However, having this beautiful baseball now sort of makes up for the mediocre visit I had with the "Chairman of the Board", whose stats don't speak for how terrific of a pitcher he was. 

Ford has become the 3rd member from the Hall of Fame that I own in my signed baseball collection! I never really wanted signed baseballs, however, I've been looking to add some variety in my collection. It's pretty difficult to keep adding huge signed pictures, there simply isn't enough room for that.

Be on the lookout for the third and final Christmas baseball! See Ya!

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