Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Gift from William!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Well, my crazy friend William over at foul bunt still insists to treat me to birthday gifts, which is unnecessary, yet so nice of him at the same time. This year, he decided to really help me out with the set I'm putting together! Take a look:

First off, he caught me up a few products I barely opened, Archives & Heritage! I have hardly opened any products this year at all, mainly because of the high prices, so I definitely appreciate when he goes out of his way to keep me in the loop with all of you other guys out there. With that said, I can tell Archives seems to be a pretty fun product. I love the Mattingly card as well as the Rivera, which uses the 1971 Topps design. 

If I opened anything this year, it was Bowman, and that's only because I bought two rack packs in Yankee Stadium. Outside of that, I haven't even opened the flagship product. Although I did have some Bowman already, I didn't have any of these 4 cards, which was awesome! The Custodio blue refractor looks great, and although I don't really know who he is, I love the Yankees blue refractors. Dante Bichette Jr. has been sitting towards the top of my wantlist for a little while now and I'm glad I finally got my first cards of last year's first round pick!

William also picked up these two nice numbered cards of Thurman Munson and Bucky Dent at a LCS for me! I didn't have either of them and they both have very nice all around designs. I'm definitely a big Munson fan, and since he doesn't seem to have too much out there, this was welcomed nicely into my home!

But, the highlight of the package was without a doubt this Tier One dual relic of the true home run king, Hank Aaron! Aaron's relic was one that I did not expect to land for a long time because it certainly isn't pocket change for a guy like me, so this gesture was just way too kind by one of my best friends. Thank you so much William for the really awesome gift! 

With this card, I now have 45 of the 50 relics in the set! I'm planning on knocking off 3 of them really soon, which will then leave two more big names to complete the set: Mantle & Ruth. Wish me luck, and once again, thank you so much William, you don't know how much I appreciate all the great things you've done for me. 

See Ya!


  1. Wow, that Aaron is really nice! William is indeed one of the most generous members of the blogosphere!

  2. I'm crazy? Yeah you might be right about that one. Thanks for the kind words, and the above comment from Nick is also much appreciated. You guys are great and definitely deserve all of the cool stuff I find for you.


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