Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hall of Fame Autograph Addition!

Hey guys, Drew back here! I've been on a crazy eBay binge lately, especially with all the money I received for my birthday, which was totally unexpected. I'm definitely going to White Plains in late August, so I have to save quite a bit of money for that, but I also had plenty of room to buy stuff before hand. Here is one of my first pickups with the birthday money!

Out of 2008 Donruss Threads, to go with my Don Mattingly autograph from the same subset, here is a Tony Gwynn auto relic, numbered 21/50! Granted, my Mattingly was just an auto, but was numbered to 25 I believe. However, this card is pretty sweet! I bought this card after my friend Mike was in Arizona at the All Star Fan Fest and wanted to get his autograph there, even though in the end he never got one. I've been hoping for a guest post from him so he can tell the story of his incredible day there, because he will make you guys super jealous, for sure.

While I never watched Gwynn play, as he was just a little before my time, his list of accolades and accomplishments is very impressive. Over 3,000 hits and a lifetime batting average of .338 alone is something that not many future Major Leaguers will be able to top. He never won a World Series, but his 15 All Star elections, 5 Gold Glove awards, and 7 Silver Slugger awards surely made up for it. He also led the National League in hitting 8 TIMES. As everyone expected, he was elected into Cooperstown in 2007, along with Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr, making for one heck of an induction class!

So for under $20 shipped, there was no doubt in my mind that this needed to be added to my collection!

See Ya!

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