Monday, January 17, 2011

Grandpa Roy Column


Hey guys, Drew back here. It seems like this series seems to take huge breaks, but we're back for now! Grandpa Roy recently provided me with a new trivia question, and let's see if you guys can get it right! Here is your question:

In baseball history, a manager has often been relied on to help lead a team into the playoffs. However, only 9 managers have taken 3 different franchises to the postseason, and only 2 of the 9 have taken 4. Who are they?

1: Jim Leyland (guessed by SpastikMooss)
2: Lou Piniella (guessed by mmosely)
3: Dusty Baker (guessed by FanOfReds)
Bill McKechnie (guessed by Baseball Nut)
5: Joe Torre (guessed by Jordan)
6: Tony LaRussa (guessed by William)
7: Davey Johnson (guessed by William)
Dick Williams (guessed by Dan)
Billy Martin (guessed by Mark A.)

* : Taken 4 teams to the playoffs

**UPDATE: All managers have been found! If there is any disagreement please comment, if not, congrats guys, great job! And Billy Martin was a mistake, he was the guy that led 4 teams to the playoffs.

As usual, please only guess one manager per every 24 hours, and try not to use any references to find your answers outside of your brain! Good luck, and have fun!

See Ya!


  1. Jim Leyland has gotta be on that list.

  2. Dusty Baker I believe thanks to this year's Reds team!

  3. Joe Torre would be a logical guess.

  4. Sorry Alvin, I don't think Alvin Dark was one of the managers. Good guess though! Everyone else is correct, good job everyone!

  5. Tony LaRussa - A's, White Sox, and Cardinals.

  6. Buck Showalter? The really good managers didn't manage many teams. I was originally thinking of Connie Mack, but he only had two teams.

  7. No Mark, Buck Showalter only brought two teams to the playoffs, Diamondbacks and Yankees. Good guess though!

  8. After 2011, Buck Showalter WILL be on the list, after leading the O's to the playoffs, ;)

  9. My Wednesday guess will be Billy Martin.

  10. Billy Martin is correct, however while Stengel won quite a few World Series with the Yankees, he never took another team to the playoffs. Sorry! Any more guesses?

  11. Drew, I think your blog is great and its fantastic that your Grandpa takes the time to come up with these questions. Unfortunately, I think this question is incorrect. The only reason say this is I remember seeing an article on Dusty Baker's contract extension when I was writing a post for my blog about the subject and that very question was in the article I was reading.

    Why would I remember this in such great detail? Because there was one manager mention who I had never heard of, Bill McKecknie. I looked him up on Baseball Reference and saw he took 3 teams to the post season, one of those teams, the Reds, twice.

    Since my blog post also covered Torre and Cox's retirements I looked them up too, and then looked up the rest of the names on the lists. Being a Yankee fan myself, I noticed that Billy Martin to his first team, the Twins, to the post season, in addition to Tigers, the Yankees (three of the best years for the Yanks ever) and the A's during the strike season.

    I also noticed Dick Williams won his first season with the Sox, all 3 seasons with the A's, the strike season too with the Expos and one of his last seasons, either with I think the Padres but it could have been Seattle where he finished his career.

    I remember thinking the article got it wrong. So I would check this. Maybe I got it wrong.

    Anyway, I'll go with the lesser known Bill McKecknie and if no one chimes in, I'll come back with the answer after 24 hours.

    BTW, if you haven't seen the contest I'm running on my blog, you should check it out. I've gone through a great deal of effort to make the prize worth winning. Keep up the great the great work with this blog.

  12. Davey Johnson? Mets (1986), O's (1996 and 1997) and Dodgers (not sure)?

  13. Both of you last guys are correct first off.

    So Baseball Nut, this questions deals with 3 seperate franchises, and if you look up the 9 managers, all have taken 3 seperate franchises to the postseason, only 1, which was Billy Martin, took 4. Maybe Williams did take 4, my mistake, thanks for pointing that out. And thanks for letting me know about the contest, I'll check it out if I find time soon!


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