Monday, December 13, 2010

Cardboard from the Midwest Mailday!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Yesterday I got my first package in weeks, coming from Todd of MidWest Cardboard. It sure has been a while, but maybe I can get on track a little coming up. Here's the nice cards that my buddy Todd traded me:

First, some sweet refractors from 2010 Topps Chrome. A Mark Teixeira refractor, AJ Burnett Xfractor, and a Derek Jeter Orange Refractor. All 3 cards really pop and are absolutely awesome looking. However, when I take them out of the toploaders, they have an extreme bend, which is definitely a problem! It seems to be a major problem with this set, hopefully it gets fixed by next year.

2 Legends of New York for sure right here. Jeter has always been my favorite baseball player until Nick Swisher came along, and that card just sums up how great of a man he is. The Namath card is sooooo nice, by far the nicest Namath card I own and one that I will continue to love!

Lastly, an autograph from 2009 National Chicle of Hakeem Nicks, one of the Giants top wide receivers. I hear a lot in school about the Giants, being in New York, and as a Jets fan I felt it was necessary to add his autograph to my collection. That means the player has to be awesome, considering I won't trade it to my friend and I'll keep it myself! This is a sweet painting and an amazing card, definitely a job well done by Topps.

Overall I'm really pleased with this trade, thanks so much Todd, enjoy your cards! Be sure to check out MidWest Cardboard when you get a chance! See Ya!

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  1. Nice, dude. I have some stuff to send you when I get a chance...


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