Saturday, November 13, 2010

TTM #31

Hey guys, Drew back here. Yesterday I got a nice TTM success back, check it out!

Jets rookie cornerback Kyle Wilson signed a custom for me! Kyle was the Jets first round pick last year, the 29th overall pick. He played for Boise State and was considered one of the top cornerbacks available during last years draft! He's been a disappointment thus far this year but hasn't gotten too much of an opportunity, and he's very young, so Jets fans still confidence that he will be a good corner!

Kyle signed the card in 25 days, "To: Drew, Kyle Wilson #20"! It looks really nice as do all of the Jets customs when printed, the light color background makes for a great signature on the card. Out of the 4 cards I've gotten back from my new design with the soft color logo behind the autograph space, 3 of them have been personalized! Hopefully I get many more of these, because I like them more than I do some Topps and Upper Deck autograph designs!

Thanks Kyle and Go Jets! See Ya!

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