Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Suggestions for 4th Quarter Spectacular

Hey guys, Drew back here with a question. What do you want me to break? I will certainly do group breaks when I get out of the house, but that will be a long while. So, for now, you'll just have to sit back and look at the cards I pull.

So, my point, is that the End of the School Year is coming and I don't know what to break! I will put a poll on the sidebar for it, because I am now assuming that you want me to continue the video highlights, so that will be there. I will probably choose one or two of the top boxes to break, but I may add my take into it as well. Please, if you vote on this poll, choose by your experience and luck with the product and don't pick the worst options unless you really like the product.

Alright, lets see, what to break, what to break. I know! I'll go over to Blowout Cards and do some process of elimination. The next baseball product to come out is 09 UD SP Legendary Cuts, and Allen & Ginter will be out around that time, but I'll break A&G some other time.

Topps Series 1: Too old, no
Topps Series 2: A possibility
UD Series 1: Too old, no
UD Series 2: I'll just get a blaster and I'll be fine, so no.
Heritage: Too much $ for 1 garbage hit, no
Goudey: No
Piece of History: Want to open one.
Bowman: No
Bowman Jumbo: Too much $
Finest: No
Tristar: No
UD First Edition: Cheap Set, no
Attax: Heck no
Spectrum: No
SPX: Nice but too much $

Donruss Threads: Possibly
Heroes: Maybe
Masterpieces: Maybe

Possibilities: Turkey Red, Elements, Goudey, Masterpieces, Sweet Spot, Sweet Spot Classic

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