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2009 Baseball Product Overall Reviews

Hey guys, Drew back here with my overall ratings of the 2009 Baseball Card Products. The ratings are out of 10 stars, ten being a fantastic product and 0 being a horrible one. Here we go:

2009 Baseball Cards

Topps Series 1- ******** 8 out of 10
Why: Topps really started the hobby year out great! The cards had WAY nicer photography than last year's horror flick they called the baseball card! Nice to see a simple but nice design on the cards as well! I like this product a lot, and the inserts are top-notch, with the Turkey Reds and the Legends of the Game inserts. The WBC Classic stuff is nice too, but one thing I don't like is do you notice what I notice? I constantly pull the same League Leaders cards in almost every pack I open!

Topps Heritage- *******7 out of 10
Why: This product I haven't gotten much of, but I've seen enough to say that this is a heck of a set collectors product! I really am not a set collector but the design is really nice and the inserts are well done. One thing I would have to say is that the prices are extremely high for something that won't pay you back, and they should lower the prices $25-$35 lower than the $90-$100 they sell it for, and that still won't pay it back. The "Clubhouse Collection" game used look terrible, and spending $100 on a box that pays for $25 total is not good, but it is nice, and many collectors would be happy to see the price lowered.

Topps Attax- ***** 5 out of 10
This isn't really a set for me. The games look pretty fun, way more fun than any Yugi-oh or Pokemon game out there, but it is cheap. The cards aren't thick or aren't glossy, so they feel like the Sports Illustrated Kids cards in the magazines. I've gotten one pack of this, and I have to say that the parallels are much nicer and Topps should make a set based on them. The code cards are pretty ugly as well.

Topps Finest- ****** 7 out of 10
Why: This grade would be better with a better rookie class. This year, the best player is David Price with Travis Snider in there as well, and after that, you're lef with garbage like Bobby Parnell or Phil Coke. The letter patch autographs are very nicely done, unlike last years Topps Letterman Football's letter patch autographs. The base cards are really nice, and I have seen some reall nice pulls out of this before! The parallels are the highlight of the boxes, and I really like the gold one! The cards are awfully expensive though with a slim chance at a sweet card, so unless you want to be this guy, I wouldn't risk buying this product.

Bowman (Including Jumbo)- ****** 6 out of 10
Why: Again, last year had a WAY better rookie class, and this year's weak one really effects cards. Hopefully, someone steps up like Travis Snider and we could have another big name rookie. Anyway, this product design is short, sweet, and is definitely similar to past Bowmans. The chrome cards look very nice as usual, and I can't wait for that individual product to come out, but for now, this will do.

Upper Deck (including 1st Edition)- ******** 8 out of 10
Why: This year's UD is starting to make a statement. It has hid behind Topps 09 Series 1 for a very long time, but I think they are even. Both have nice designs, the game used goes to UD, the parallels go to Topps, and they both have equal prices and results. The photography once again is great in this product, and I think it should deserve more. This years Starquests are nice, followed by the O-Pee-Chee Inserts, the Rivals inserts, the 20th Anniversary set, and many more reasons to collect this product!

Upper Deck Spectrum- **** 4 out of 10
Why: Purple Cards? Cheech Martin Autographs? End of story.

Upper Deck Piece of History- ******* 7 out of 10
Why: This product is very nice. The base card design is fantastic, and the historical moments are well selected. The inserts are extremely sharp, and I can't say anything bad because in 2 packs of it, I got a Victor Martinez Patch Card #ed/25! But, one thing I don't like about the set is the consistent shortage of hits and the price rising. I mean, I know we are going an economic crisis right now, but they could at least lower the price. If you say there are 4 hits per box, why aren't there 4 hits in ANY BOX! At least tell us the truth about this, like they would try to lure us into buying it! Other than that, the product is one of the best.

Upper Deck Goudey- ****** 6 out of 10
Why: Goudey 09 is very similar to 08 Goudey. The design is basically the same, but without Derek Jeter & ken Griffey Jr. says on the bottom. It is very plain this year though, and some of the photography is pretty bad. The game used aren't great, but the autographs look pretty good so far. I've gotten 4 hobby packs of this already, so I can say that the Heads Up Inserts are great, and same with the 4 in 1's. Next year, Goudey needs some work, if they have it by then.

Upper Deck SPX- ******* 7 out of 10
Why: SPX is quietly doing pretty good this year. I like the base cards a lot actually, somewhat 08 UD X like, but nicer. The game used cards are nice, and I love the Dimaggio Career Highlights inserts. The buyback on the top can always help, and I hear there are around 5 hits per box. Last year, one hit per pack had this product at a high price, and this year, the price went down a little and you get less. So, yeah, I like it.

This does not include Tristar Products and the new Topps Series 2 & UD Series 2

The winning percentage is out of 100 and is the chance I will buy it again...

2009 Card Overall Standings
Product, Winning Percentage, GB

1- 2009 Topps & 2009 Upper Deck - 100%, 0 Games Back
3- 2009 UD SPX 75% 2009 Topps Heritage 60%, 2009 UD Piece of History 100% are all one game back.
6- 2009 Bowman 80% & 2009 UD Goudey 100% are 2 games back.
8- 2009 Topps Attax 40% and 3 games back.
9- 2009 UD Spectrum 25% and 4 games back.

So there you have it, thanks for looking and I'm hoping there is a better 2nd half!

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