Saturday, May 2, 2009

3rd Quarter Spectacular- 2007 Bowman's Best

Hey guys, Drew back here with a box break review. I recently got the boxes in after paying free shipping and getting the boxes after 3 days. So, Joemama and I busted a box of 2007 Bowman's Best and had very good results. We opened the box in the brand new drewscards Basement Studio, after being worked on all day! In the video, the 1st picture is of us in the studio! Here is the review:

3 Mini Boxes Per Box
5 Packs per Mini Box
5 Cards Per Pack
75 Cards Per Box
15 Packs per Box
1 Prospect Autograph in every mini-box
1 Rookie Autograph in every mini-box
1 Veteran Autograph in every mini-box
9 Autographs Total!
2 A-Rod Road To 500 Inserts Per Box
A Numbered Parallel in every pack without a hit!

3 Prospect Autographs (David Huff, Emmanuel Burris, & Cameron Maybin- all not #ed)
3 Rookie Autographs (Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ryan Sweeney, & Alejandro De Aza) (Aza- Blue Parallel #ed/99)
1 Rookie Relic! (Daisuke Matsusaka Rookie Card Relic)
3 Veterans Autographs (Jeremy Hermida, Hanley Ramirez, & Erik Bedard)
2 A-Rod Road To 500 Inserts (#'s 409 & 420)
7 Serial Numbered Cards
1 A-Rod 500 Career Home Run Insert

You can see everything in this video...

Talk About A Marlins Hot Box!

Product Review:

This is one of the best new card designed sets I own. The cards are unbelievably nice, and they fit the sticker autos in perfectly, so even they look good. I love the different color parallels, and I also like the prospect variations as well. The base cards are extremely thick, but I don't think that matters at all! Grade: A+

I would not have bought this product without Blowout's help. I bought the boxes on one of the weekend specials, and got it for $35 off! Talk about a great deal! I guess I paid up for what I bought with it, but if it was $35 more, I wouldn't have. Grade: B-
Discounted Price Grade: B+

These hits are very nice. Finally I don't have to worry about relics, but then, I got one. It turns out that the only jersey card in the set is of Dice-K, and I got it. I'm wondering if it is from Japan or not, or maybe some stupid photo shoot. But, the Hanley is sweet, I really love the design of the blue parallel that they use, which I pulled one of Alejandro De Aza. The Hermida & Bedard autographs are nice too, but the crown jewels of the box is the autograph of Cameron Maybin, who isn't playing well this year, but is a big name prospect whose Bowmans Best Auto ranges from $15 to $40. Grade: A

Overall, this box wasn't an A+, but it was around those lines. The Marlins are a good team to get young player autographs in, and I'm pleased. Hanley was rated #1 on Espn for fantasy in the pre-season, so I'm happy to have his autograph. As for Kevin Kouzmanoff (KKK Man), I don't want any more of him. I got some nice #ed cards too, especially the green parallels, and I again, was happy with the box. Overall Grade: A-

So guys, remember to tune for sometime in the next couple weeks for Mike & I to do our annual Split, this time of 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. I will also post an idea of a rip card trick I thought of sometime soon as well. As for TTMs, I will soon send one out to Mr. Mike Mussina, and it would be sick to get this stuff signed! So, See Ya!

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