Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vintage Cards From Pop Popps 4

Hey guys, it's Drew and this is now the 4th issue of Vintage Cards from Pop Popps. Here is a list of what I got:

Hall Of Famers
Goose Gossage- 1980 Topps
George Brett- 1980 Topps AL Championships Card
Rod Carew/Ralph Garr- 1975 Topps Batting Leaders
Rollie Fingers- 1975 Topps
Steve Carlton- 1975 Topps
Phil Niekro- 1980 Topps
Willie Stargell- 1978 Topps
Rickey Henderson- 1984 Topps (1983 Highlight)
Joe Morgan- 1980 Topps
Gaylord Perry- 1981 Topps

Dave Parker- 1980 Topps All Star
Dave Parker- 1975 Topps
Moose Haas- 1978 Topps
Ron Cey- 1978 Topps All Star
Dwight Evans- 1975 Topps
Fred Beene- 1973 Topps
Alan Closter- 1973 Topps
Julio Cruz- 1978 Topps
Jeff Burroughs/Steve Garvey- 1975 Topps 74' MVPs Insert
Mark Davis- 1989 Topps
Paul Mirabella- 1989 Topps
Mookie Wilson- 1989 Topps
Bob Horner- 1989 Topps
Lenny Dykstra- 1989 Score
Ozzie Guillen- 1989 Topps
Dale Sveum- 1989 Donruss
Craig McMurty- 1989 Topps
Dwayne Henry- 1989 Topps
Daryl Boston- 1989 Topps
Gene Larkin- 1989 Topps
Mickey Stanley- 1972 Topps
Dave Kingman- 1975 Topps
Bill Madlock- 1980 Topps


All from 1978 Topps (quad rookie inserts)
1: Tom Hume, Larry Landreth, Steve McCatty, & Bruce Taylor (pitchers)
2: Bill Nahorodny, Kevin Pasley, Rick Sweet, & Don Werner (catchers)
3: Larry Anderson, Tim Jones, Mickey Mahler, & Jack Morris (pitchers)

All from 1975 Topps (All Star Rookie Inserts)
1: Mike Hargrove- 1B
2: Bill Madlock (2)- 3B

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