Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap!

Easter 2009

Hey guys, Drew back here with an Easter Recap, and I like the scanning with the slideshow so I think I'll start to do that for a lot of things. Here is my smaller easter recap:

So, I got the blaster and the 3 packs from Easter, I got the 2 packs of Piece of history and the 2 packs of Absolute by myself, and my dad bought the 2 mixed $2 lots at the hobby shop. When we got there, a man in the car next to us in the parking lot was trying to sell some old rookie cards. The guy drops his cigarette and shows us the bag, offering a good deal of $ for it. He showed us old Manny rookies and Jeter rookies, and we said no. My dad & I go in, with that man following us, and he asks to trade the cards with the cashier, or sell them. He pulled out a Mike Mussina after he knew I declined enough offers to let him know I wouldn't buy anything from him, and gave me it for free. How bout' that! A free Moose rookie card from Upper Deck! That was nice of the guy to do that, and the funny thing was that in 1 of the lots I pulled Moose's Score rookie card in it. So now, I have 2 Mussina rookie cards.

So, how about those hits at the end of the video. Many people don't really know Josh Johnson, but he is 2-0 this year and last night he beat Johan Santana in a big pitchers dual, going 9 innings giving up only 1 run. He is one of my fantasy pitchers, and I really am liking the guy right now! So getting a relic of him is pretty nice in my opinion. In the video I didn't show the base because it would be a long video if I did, but if anybody needs to know, comment on the video asking to. The Martinez patch is sweet, and it is numbered out of 25! Sweet! I really love the 09 UD Piece of History, and I can't wait to have a box in my hands! Probably for the 3rd Quarter Spectacular (the end of April) I will get one. So far I've gotten 2 Victor Martinez relics in 09, one in a blaster of Series 1 and one in this. The base cards in the set are amazing, and the inserts are nice too. The Varitek is numbered out of 999 too. So there you have it guys, that was my nice Easter break. Thanks for looking and See Ya!

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