Sunday, April 26, 2009

3rd Quarter Spectacular Update

Boxes are going to be ordered very soon. Hey guys, and as you see about that sentence, I am doing a 3rd quarter spectacular! So, on Blowout I am ordering 2 boxes today: 1 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes box, and 1 2007 Bowman's Best box. They both have discounts right now, and I am really excited. Right now, I have been having tons of horrible technology luck ever since I got these:

2 Words: They suck. Anyway, I asked Mike if he wanted to split the Heroes box for $26, and he said maybe. He should be coming over in a couple minutes also. By the way, JawdysBasement isn't the only person in a basement busting cards. There is a rumor that I am moving the drewscards headquarters down to my basement where I will record videos and continue the drewscards tradition. So, I talked to Mike while he was here today and he said he was 90% sure he will pitch in and split the box with me. I will have another video slideshow for you based on the many many cards my dad gave to me for getting braces. (hint: i'm getting close to 30,000 total cards!) So keep looking for that update and now I have to work on a school project. See Ya!

1 Box of 07 Bowmans Best

1 Box of 2008 UD Heroes (split with Mike very possible)

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