Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, but I figured I should do an update. I still haven't had the chance to buy any 2009 Topps cards yet, but I'm really looking forward to doing so. I really like the Legends inserts and I like how they put Turkey Red back in business, although I wish they put it back as a full brand. Overall, I really want to bust this, but not all that excited about the Upper Deck. I've been so caught up with Topps that I've barely paid attention to Upper Deck. Anyway, for the Hall Of Fame Special, I will put up some cool videos and I will do a couple boxes. I sort of am doubting buying a box of 07 SP Legendary Cuts, but I definitely know I will buy a box of 07 Sweet Spot Classic. Depending on the money in my pocket, I may get a second box, if not just packs, but I haven't been interested in much except 09 Topps, so I might buy a box of that. I will certainly buy something of Topps while I'm there, maybe a jumbo pack or something. I'm not too excited about the hits in the Topps, but I really like the inserts. Plus, You get a ton of cards, and I probably will be able to complete my first set. Some other products I may want to get: 09 Topps Heritage, which hasn't been released yet but will be by the time we get to the Hall, maybe Topps Finest 09, and that's about it. Thanks for viewing all you 20 viewers I had out there, and See Ya!

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