Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 drewscards Baseball Card Guide

Hey guys, drewscards here with what I am going to do for 2009. If you are a collector like me, by looking for good bargains on boxes with some pretty sweet expectations, this should help you.

So of course, in 2008, Topps had those stupid designs that I used to like, with the circles with the teams letters in them, and the name on the bottom with a white border around the picture of the card. I bought some stuff of it in the beginning of the year, until I noticed some other products that I may enjoy collecting more, like Upper Deck. I liked the inserts in Topps last year, well, some. Topps Stars was pretty cool, I could live with the news headline ones, and probably everyone loves the Mickey Mantles. I have really high expectations on this years Topps. The cards are very nice looking, and I really think many collectors will like this product. Topps needed to devote more time on this flagship brand, mainly in fear of what happened to basketball cards, which probably will never happen in baseball, but you never know. We won't be collecting Panini cards, that's for sure. Here is a preview of some of the Topps cards:you can see more topps here:
Plus, also check out Mario's blog, Wax Heaven, the site where the link goes to.

I bought a lot of Upper Deck last card season. I really liked the cards, especially the pictures. One thing I always hated about Upper Deck was all the different products: 1st Edition, Stars & Stripes, Series 2, etc. It is hard to complete a set when there all billions of products to choose from. Why can't they have just Series 1, and Series 2, and call it a day? It is very stupid, but I'm not giving up on it. I still will buy many of the cards for this season. I haven't gotten 1 single card from 2009 yet, but I'm pretty sure I will buy more Topps than Upper Deck based on the flagship brands. Here is Mario's preview for Upper Deck over at Wax Heaven.

Other products I will consider buying boxes of in 2009:
Allen & Ginter
Topps Chrome
Topps Heritage
Upper Deck Piece Of History
and possibly Upper Deck Goudey, and whatever else sounds cool

I'm going to completely try to avoid Opening Day, Spectrum, and SP Authentic as well as any other stupid products that may come back next year like Upper Deck X, & Bowman. I will never buy Tristar, Just Minors, or Razor products, because in my opinion, that is a card sin. If you collect baseball cards, buy Topps, Upper Deck, & Donruss, and call it a day. Here are some other previews the one and only Mario has to show:

Upper Deck Spectrum

Topps Heritage


Piece of History

Topps Finest

Icons (brand new-1st release ever for baseball)

O-Pee-Chee (always been around, came back)

Thanks for looking guys, hope you enjoy 09'!

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