Thursday, February 12, 2009

National Treasures Is Absolutely Sicker Than Ever!

This is the best football high-end product I've ever seen. If I had the money, I would buy a couple boxes. I've seen non-stop sickness come out of the product, including pdazzle1010 on youtube pulled an absolutely sick Matt Ryan Falcon Patch, and then I saw this video today that chri5784 did. It was a request by some dude for a box of 07 and a box of 08. I really noticed how much more work they spent on 08. So I saw two sick cards. One was a dual Reebok Logo Patch of Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco, and earlier in the box, he pulled one of the rarest cards out there. A Presidential Cut Signature, of Benjamin Harrison. I will never miss one video on youtube of this brand. It is insanely sick, and I wish I could get some.
Heres the links:

pdazzle's box:
chris' box:

Have fun watching, and PS, just noticed that almost every video that is a box of this stuff, it says next to the name either cursing, mojo, sickness, everything!

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