Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mailday: Trade with Mr. Baseball (Scott)

Hey guys, Drew back here. On Christmas Eve, I opened a blaster box of 2014 Topps Updates & Highlights, and the hit of the box was a David Ortiz Commemorative patch card. As soon as I pulled the card, I thought in my head "Scott", and immediately texted him to see if he was interested. A few years ago I pulled a Stadium Club Ortiz Triumvirate auto, and as much as I didn't like Ortiz I was reluctant to move it until I saw my friend Scott starting to collect any and all of his cards. I traded him the Ortiz for a Michael Pineda blue Chrome refractor rookie auto out of Topps Chrome, and well, I'm still hoping the deal pans out for me! This year I didn't take as big of a risk, but sent him some cash and considerations along with the Ortiz for a 65 card lot of Yankees base/inserts over the past few years. Take a look at some of what I came home with:

Nothing overly spectacular, but that's exactly what I was hoping for in this move. I haven't bought nearly enough packs/boxes in recent years, so with moves like this I feel almost rejuvenated in a sense. I'm looking forward to adding these to my card boxes and sorting through them all, and I really appreciate the move, Scott! Best of luck in school next semester!

For any of you that haven't gotten the chance to check out Scott's blog or YouTube accounts, please do yourself a favor. He's got a very impressive Ortiz collection, and since a good majority of baseball fans don't like the Red Sox, perhaps you guys may want to work out something with this poor guy ;) Thanks again for the deal Scott!

In other quick blog news, I'm currently working on finalizing a few things to display my personal collections. I'm one player away from unveiling my Google Docs spreadsheets containing every card I own of all of my PC players, and also working on a Flickr account that will show the highlights of each of those collections. Be on the lookout for that, and also in the future I should have a trade/sale album on there too. I'm still selling on, and if any of you want to look at my store, click this link here. I'm willing to negotiate on nearly everything so I can buy cards of players to send out TTM next season and for future endeavors as well. Lastly, I've been on Twitter for a little while now, and I'd love to be more involved in our community on social media, so I'd love to connect with any and all of you guys on there, just give me a follow!

Anyway, that will do it for now, stay tuned for plenty more to come this month, but for now, See Ya!

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