Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grandpa Roy's Chat Corner Debut!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Most of you know that this blog normally runs pretty slow throughout the winter and early Spring, due to my increasing amount of schoolwork. However, my Grandpa Roy and I discussed a simple, easy way to keep this blog up and running. We came to a solution, and with this solution, we decided to kiss the Trivia Corner a farewell and goodbye. It had been a while since I did much with that column lately anyway, but we both felt like we should give something new.

Introducing, the Grandpa Roy Chat Corner, bringing you the finest sports discussions since 2012! This new series is going to be a bit of a test project, and if it goes well we'll continue to run it through! There are many big topics roaming around the sports world, and we want to not only give you all our views, but we want to hear your views as well! The main goal of the project is to start off discussions, and get everyone involved. Don't be afraid to tell us how you really feel, this is the Internet after all, and I assure you that we are harmless sports enthusiasts. If you don't agree with someone, yes, be polite, but you have every single right to defend your belief. It makes for a very interesting read. I know some people have tried this out before, or something similar, but never has a sports card blogger that I know of made a debate column a regular part of the blogging experience. We hope you guys like the idea, and we thank you for checking out the site, as always! 

Now, our first topic we want to bring up is something that is right in the epicenter of baseball right now: The Wild Card Chase. This year, the MLB decided to change things up, by allowing 2 teams to win a wild card spot for the playoffs. These two teams will play one game, deciding who will be the ultimate wild card winner. Please, feel free to chime in and tell us simply what you think of the new rule! 

I'll start it off in the comments below, and you all can post following me. I would absolutely love to see a lot of awesome feedback! Let's keep Grandpa Roy in the blog forecast for the future, shall we?

Thanks again everyone. Now, let's heat it up!


  1. I'll start off.

    I like the wild card idea. Personally, I think the past few weeks in baseball have been very exciting, and even though football has began, I think this race is what keeps baseball still active in a lot of sports fans heads. Teams like Baltimore and Oakland have really stepped up, and the rule allows more of a chance for a team to come out of nowhere (see 2011 Cardinals).

    However, I'm not all that sure how the game will be pulled off. More specifically, I'm going to be interested in seeing what pitchers will be chosen for the game. The teams will want someone reliable, but if they're thinking ahead, who would start Game 1 in the next series? We'll see how that gets played out.

    All in all, I believe the rule has a lot of positives, but I just want to see what will happen this season before I make a final judgement.

    Anyone else wanna chip in? Time for me to pass the torch!

  2. I did not like the change when the season began, but since Baltimore is still clinging to that final wildcard position, well, my tune has changed. I definitely would rather they win the division, since you don't have to burn a number one starter in a one game playoff, but in Baltimore's case, for example, they don't have a clear number one. So, that could favor them. I like how the new wild card has kept some teams in the race until this late in the season. It definitely has created some compelling story lines so far. Who would have thought that the Phillies would still be hanging around? The Brewers? The Angels? Jeez. I'm liking it for sure. We'll see how the logistics of the playoffs are sorted out. I know next year will be more settled than this year as far as seeding, home field advantage, etc.

  3. Kinda dumb, if you ask me. It's all really just a ploy to have more games, which means more ticket, concession and merchandise sales, which goes in the pocket of the already rich. Go back to two divisions. Top 2 via for each league's pennant, and the winner's face off for the trophy. Done.

    And screw the "winner of the All Star game gets home field advantage" BS.

  4. I'm not a big fan of change... heck, I'd be okay with the whole East vs. West format they had back in the day. But at the same time, I see where they're going with this. They want as many teams in the hunt, so more fans can enjoy the playoffs.

    It looks like my A's will be a part of this one game battle and if they win, I'll be happy. If not, I'm going to cry "shenanigans"! ;-)


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