Friday, April 27, 2012

One of the Most Underrated Pitchers in Baseball...

Hey guys, Drew back here. The reason for this mid-day post is due to the fact that I'm home sick from school, with an awful cold. I guess playing baseball in 40 degree weather really isn't all that smart now isn't it? Anyways, I have a bunch of cards to catch you all up on, with this being one of them. 

Out of 2010 Topps 206, this here is a framed autographed card of Nationals starter Jordan Zimmerman! Zimmerman is off to a tremendous start for my fantasy team this season, going 1-1 in 4 starts with a spectacular 1.33 ERA! Somehow this guy, even though he hasn't allowed more than one earned run in any of his starts, flies completely under the radar as one of the top young pitchers in all of baseball. Perhaps it's because of the mega-star prospects the Nationals have in Harper and Strasburg? Or by their recent big additions in Jayson Werth and Gio Gonzalez within the past two seasons? All I can say is, this Nats rotation is going to be pretty darn solid with all the young talent they possess. If you can have a guy of this caliber as a number three starter, that's saying something. With a 14-5 record to sit them in 1st place of the NL East to start the season off, watch out Phillies and Braves fans. There is certainly more competition than you may have thought. 

I was able to add this card for only a few bucks, but it will go absolutely great with the Strasburg autograph Dad pulled out of our 2010 Topps 206 box break! Hopefully the tandem can be worth an awful lot one day. 

See Ya!

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  1. It looks like the Nats are for real and that staff is tremendous.

    Get better soon.


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