Saturday, April 21, 2012

The 31st Addition to the Tier One Relic Set!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Lately, I've been very active in the hobby through eBay, although I may not be on the blog all that often. I love to take a new Tier One relic here and there, but I really like to wait until I find a solid price for each card. With the card I'm about to show, I got one of those very deals. For about $5 shipped, I was able to add a bat card of Dodger's legendary backstop Roy Campanella!

Campanella is one of the three Dodgers to have a card in the set, to go along with Pee Wee Reese and Sandy Koufax! I now have all three of these, and this card brings me up to 31 of 50, giving me a 62% completion percentage! This is my first decent card of Campanella in my collection, and I'm glad I was finally able to add one of Brooklyn's finest to my collection. 

With this card, I now still need the following 19 cards for the set:
#TSR-1: Ichiro Suzuki
#TSR-7: Rogers Hornsby
#TSR-8: Ryan Braun
#TSR-10: Roy Halladay
#TSR-14: George Sisler
#TSR-16: Babe Ruth (prefer the dual relic)
#TSR-19: Johnny Bench
#TSR-20: Reggie Jackson
#TSR-21: Carlos Beltran
#TSR-24: Jose Reyes
#TSR-26: Rickey Henderson (Redemption)
#TSR-31: David Wright
#TSR-32: Jacoby Ellsbury
#TSR-36: Mickey Mantle (prefer the dual relic)
#TSR-44: Hank Aaron (prefer the dual relic)
#TSR-46: Ryne Sandberg (Redemption)
#TSR-48: Willie Mays
#TSR-50: Cal Ripken Jr.

It ain't gonna be easy, to put it in a nice way. But it's going to be a fun journey, and I hope you all stick around for the ride! If anyone has any of the cards I need and is willing to trade them, please send me an email to! Thanks everyone!

See Ya!


  1. $5 shipped? Damn. Majorly jealous. Congrats on the pickup and good luck with the set!

  2. Nice one, I love this set, good luck completing it !

  3. Wow, that's a great addition, but for $5?? Unreal pickup my friend!

  4. Awesome card dude. I'll keep an eye out at the shows and see what I can find. I bet you will complete the set a lot cheaper than you think.

  5. I just pulled a TSR46 redemption. Would trade for a Mattingly Auto of some sort.


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