Monday, September 19, 2011

Congratulations to the Sandman!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Today was another monumental day for the Yankees, just days after another big milestone, both of which by none other than the dominant closer Mariano Rivera. After recently celebrating Mariano's big 600th career save, 2 saves later, he became the all time saves leader, surpassing former closing great Trevor Hoffman for sole possession of the record! I'm sure, given with the NY media and coverage, every sports fan living already knows of the accomplishment, but I feel obligated to give this guy a post in recognition of the significant achievement! 

I started watching baseball in 2005, especially after I went to a game early that season at Yankee Stadium, the first of many to come in the past few years. Mariano Rivera has been there from the beginning of my journey to becoming the diehard Yankee fan I am today, and has been by far one of the most respectable baseball players not only of today, but in baseball history. Yes, he only pitches an inning every few games, but he's left a bigger impact on the game then any other who has pitched for only that long per game. He's done it with pride, a desire to win, and his patented big smile on his face, that you hardly ever see disappear, except for the rare occasion in which he struggles to do his job. He makes being a Yankees fan so much more enjoyable and fun, and is one of many reasons why I'll always cherish the tradition the team has left. 

Forget the many, many things that you may not like about the Yankees. Yes, they have an awful lot of money. But how did they get that money? By making the money. Steinbrenner did a great job building the team up in the time of the free agent period just getting underway. You hate A-Rod? Well, don't worry, I'm not too big of a fan either. You're a Red Sox fan? Sorry, don't have anything for that one. But, anyways, you all get the point. This pitcher has been larger than life in baseball, and I hope nobody can think of a way to dislike the guy. He will certainly be heading to Monument Park, as well as the Hall of Fame, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be there at his induction. You can't pick a much better all around person to look up to as a young baseball fan, and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to grow up watching Mariano pitch so often. 

So, a big congratulations goes out to the final #42, who may be the most dominating pitcher I'll ever get to see. I do wish he could've gotten it a few days later, as Dad, my Grandpa Charlie, Mike, and I are all heading down to the Stadium for the second game of a doubleheader Wednesday night against the Rays! But oh well, maybe I'll get to see save #700! Lastly, thank you Mariano, for all the incredible years.

See Ya!

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