Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trip to the Card Shop

Hey guys, Drew back here. About a week ago, I took a journey with my dad over to the card shop in need of 2011 Topps. Unfortunately, the snow delayed the delivery of their boxes, but since we don't go there often, we still decided to pick up some packs. Did we hit big? Take a look:

We picked up 2 packs of 2010 Bowman Platinum baseball, 2 packs of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces baseball, 2 packs of Panini Epix Football, and 1 2010 Bowman Sterling Dual Relic Box Topper pack. While we thought the relic pack was baseball, it was actually football, which was a little disappointed considering I wanted a baseball one.

2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball: (combined)

- Ryan Kalish RC
- Josh Bell RC
- Chris Coghlan (not pictured)
- Torii Hunter
- Matt Holliday
- Wade Davis RC
- Jerry Sands Prospects
- Jackie Bradley Jr. USA
- Nolan Fontana USA (not pictured)
- Ryan Wright USA (not pictured)
- Checklist

The most exciting part of those 2 packs was finishing them and moving on. Please remind me not to buy packs of that junk anymore. But before I diss it any further, I do like the design, which is mostly foil, but was done pretty well by Bowman. All are for trade.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball: (combined)

- Grady Sizemore
- Nolan Ryan SP (need for set)
- Robin Yount
- Justin Verlander
- Dave Winfield SP (need for set)
- Jason Varitek
- Jimmy Rollins
- Max Scherzer RC
- Alfonso Soriano (not pictured)
- Andruw Jones (not pictured)
- Jonathan Papelbon (not pictured)

- Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium Legacy (keeper)
- Nolan Ryan SP Framed Brown Border 13/100 (keeper)

Wow, possibly the best hitter and best pitcher of all time together in one picture. These 2 cards made the Masterpieces packs a success, as well as 2 needed SP's of Winfield and Ryan. I'm probably going to hang on to the Ryan for a little while but it can be traded.

2010 Panini Epix Football: (seperate)

Pack One
- Brandon Jacobs
- Chad Ochocinco
- Rashard Mendenhall
- Aaron Rodgers
- Myron Rolle RC
- DeAngelo Williams
- Darren McFadden
- Miles Austin

Pack Two
- Tom Brady
- Devin Hester
- DeSean Jackson
- Sergio Kindle RC
- Knowshon Moreno
- Shonn Greene (keeper)
- Cadillac Williams
- Matt Cassel

That was so pathetic that it was nearly depressing! Just another boring "X" design with boring pictures and nothing exciting whatsoever.

2010 Bowman Sterling Football Dual Relic:

- Demaryius Thomas/Eric Decker Dual Jersey /69

Not too bad for football, Thomas is a great young receiver, and it's numbered very low. I like the relic on the Decker one, and the card is nice because it provides colorful relics rather than the typical plain white or gray. I wish the other Broncos star rookie was on this but I'm sort of please with this. It is for trade if anyone wants it, send me an email.

Well that was de-motivating. Tip to all of you that have money: buy boxes, not packs. When you spend around $50 on packs and come up this dry, maybe about $15-20 of overall value, it doesn't typically make you feel good. Anyways, let me know if you're interested in anything marked for trade, and See Ya!

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  1. I like the Nolan Ryan Masterpieces. The old school Astros jerseys look great, haha. Sorry you didn't pull anything better.


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