Thursday, April 7, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone, Drew back here. I've had a loaded past week, full of school work, projects, and baseball. My JV team won both games this week, today propelled by a walk off hit in the bottom of the 7th inning against a very tough team! I haven't gotten an opportunity to play unfortunately, but it's been exciting watching my school succeeding on the field. I've waited a long time for this, and I'm making the most of my opportunity. I guess that's all you can do.

In case you haven't noticed, its been almost a week since my last post. On a normal week, even with all of the games, I would still be able to hammer out maybe 2-3 posts. But I just have one little problem. My computer... is infected. Before you think about the many ways that could've happened, I think the main reason why the thing can't turn on without any errors is because our firewall was off along with a 2 month overdue expired security program. Anyone and anything could've gotten into the stupid thing, so for that reason, until the sucker gets fixed, don't expect a whole lot out of me.

I'm currently on my mom's laptop, and I'm gonna try to hop on here once in a while to get a post up, but I'm gonna need to rescan and fix up a bunch of things, so it may not be the everyday deal like I always tried to follow. I feel bad because I really want to finish sharing my card show experience, which only has 1 more part to go, as well as some other extremely cool finds I've received recently. Hopefully this little hiatus if that's what you want to call it won't last long, because the only thing separating me from the hobby is this darn computer!

See Ya!

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  1. Congrats on ur win.. U GUYS ARE 2-0 thats prolly never happened b4 in school history any way congrats!!!! Keep a good attitude and sorry about the computer!!


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