Friday, March 25, 2011

Connor's Card Collection!

Hey everyone, Drew back here! I have a really special post for all of you now, and it may not contain the crazy ridiculous "mojo" that you collecting hounds search for, but it's exciting for me to share for sure! So I'm running a fantasy baseball league this year as always with my school friends, and this kid was the newest member of the league this season. He's got a grade on me, but he's a diehard Yankees fan just like myself! I got talking with him, and I told him about this blog! He checked it out, and was really impressed, and was even interested in starting one himself!

So, everyone, please go over to
and give him a nice welcoming to the hobby! Let's show him the love so that he won't have to wait for months for a first subscriber, like I unfortunately suffered through!

Thanks so much everyone, as always, you're the best!

See Ya!


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